Course Dates

To be confirmed.

Training the Trainer in Safeguarding Children and Young People

Target audience

Partners of the NSCB requiring Safeguarding Training.  This two day course is aimed at those nominated by their agency to be part of a developing multi agency trainers group who work together to develop and deliver NSCB Safeguarding Children Training in a multi agency setting.

In addition the same trainers may use relevant NSCB courses in their own organisation in a single agency setting.

Entry requirement

You should only apply if you have your organisations backing and be able to commit to the following:

  • Deliver on at least 4 multi agency courses per year
  • Attend at least 4 trainers group meetings per year or offer other support
  • Provide feedback to the training and development officer on any single agency training you deliver using NSCB materials

Aims of the course

To provide a fun environment that supports learning in order that you can develop your confidence, skills and knowledge in order to deliver NSCB Safeguarding Children Core Training

Learning outcomes

Day one

  • Know your role and resopnsibilities as a trainer
  • Understand the needs of the learner
  • Understand the skills needed to manage a group
  • Understand the importance of working together
  • Be familiar with setting up the equipment

Day two

  • Become familiar with the NSCB course materials
  • Practice your skills in presentation and facilitation
  • Know where to get ongoing support

Course information

This course is not a generic Train the Trainer’s course and is based firmly on safeguarding materials and should not be viewed as such.
Applicants should only apply if they meet and understand the criteria to meet the person specification of the NSCB trainers group.

Person specification

  • Experience of working with vulnerable families and experienced in child protection work, regardless of professional background
  • Interested in protecting and safeguarding children and eager to help others do the same
  • A good communicator
  • Able to work with staff from other agencies and disciplines
  • Keen to develop your teaching and training skills
  • Pool members are expected to attend 4 meetings a year to plan and develop multi-agency training. Each pool member must be able to deliver 4 days NSCB training/year with a co-trainer
  • Person specification for membership of Newcastle's LSCB Training Group:
  1. Have at least 3 years’ experience working with children and families.
  2. Have experience of multi-agency child protection work.
  3. Be competent and knowledgeable regarding core functions of own agency.
  4. Be able to communicate comfortably and effectively in a multi-agency setting.
  5. Understand and be sensitive to specific issues and their effect on participants.
  6. Show respect for others, especially across agency/gender/race/culture/religious/sexuality differences.
  7. Be able to prioritise the needs of participants above own needs.
  8. Be able to develop good training skills.
  9. To have the support and agreement of your employer for your involvement in this work and for release from operational duties as required.
  10. If the person who does not complete the level of commitment set out in the document the applying organisation will pay £100 towards the applicants study cost.

Dates and venues

To be confirmed

NOTE - You need to attend both days

Apply for course

To apply for the course please complete and return our booking form (709kb, Word document)



Tea/coffee will be provided as part of the training session. Lunch is not provided.

Charges for attendance on NSCB training

Training is free to organisations that come under the umbrella of the Board. Private organisations will be expected to pay a fee of £40.00 per person per day (£20.00 for half a day).


If for any reason you are unable to attend, please advise the Course Administrator by e-mail at as soon as possible so the place can be offered to someone else. If cancelling with short notice (i.e. day before) please telephone 2772091.

The booking organisation may be asked to pay a fee of £30.00 for anyone who does not attend and did not cancel his or her place. Cancellations must be received within 24 hours of the course start date, although will be accepted on the morning of the course for those professionals who are ill or have other extenuating circumstances, which have been approved by their line manager.

Booking and allocation of places

Line managers or supervisors of all delegates must agree to them attending the course.

If payment is required an invoice will be sent once the place has been allocated. Payment can be made by cheque, cost code or by BACs.

Confirmation of your booking will be sent out as soon as it is processed.
You will also be sent a reminder with powerpoint notes attached one week prior to the course date.

Data Protection

Under data protection legislation, we are required to inform individuals about the information we hold about them. Please note that we keep names and work addresses on a computerised database for the purposes of monitoring organisational training levels. We also scan course registers as proof of attendance for employers. In addition we keep hard copies of application forms and course evaluation forms for up to one year after which they are destroyed. If you would prefer this information is not kept, please inform the Training Administrator by emailing

Please do not attend this course without receiving a letter of confirmation