Working with children

Working with children

What does working with children mean?

The definition of working with children is based on the concept of the regulated position and regulated and controlled activity . If a 'job' (paid or unpaid) falls within one of the categories of regulated position then it is classed as working with children. Some of the work included in the categories of regulated position must be carried out as part of the normal duties of the job. It is not intended to cover one off work but rather frequent activity of at least two days in any 30 day period.

Regulated positions include:

  • any employment in schools, children’s homes and other similar establishments
  • employment in day care when children are present
  • caring for, training, supervising, or being in sole charge of children
  • unsupervised contact with children
  • other positions which give the kind of access or influence which could put children at risk (e.g. management committee members)

Regulated and controlled activities include:

  • Swimming clubs and leisure activities
  • youth groups, such as scout or guide troops
  • organisations or services running facilities or activities for children
  • organisations offering counselling to children
  • organisations running out of school clubs and playgroups