No harm but in need

No harm but in need

Key points

Because Children’s Social Care have decided that the child or young person is not at risk, any further work will be offered under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989, and will therefore be voluntary. No further work can take place without the informed consent of the parents and, depending upon their age and ability, the child.

How to do it

The practitioners now need to decide what services are required. The parent’s views about this are important and where possible the social worker should offer options based on a good understanding of their situation, encouraging them to make choices.

It may be that the family are suspicious of continuing help or involvement following the Section 47 Enquiry from the agency that has carried out the child protection enquiries. If so, other professionals and services may take the lead at this point.

A number of agencies may be involved in providing ongoing support, in which case it will be necessary to incorporate multi-agency planning and reviews of service provision.