Elective Home Education

Elective Home Education

The aims of this document are:
• to set out the legal responsibilities of all those involved with parents/carers who assume for themselves the responsibility of educating their own child;
• to outline procedures for identifying those children who are being educated at home;
• to describe levels of support and advice available to parents/carers who are considering or who already are educating their child at home;
• to describe the safeguarding procedures which attempt to ensure that any child being educated at home is not in danger of abuse, neglect or exploitation and which helps to ensure that the rights of the child/young person to be educated is met.

Elective Home Education guidance (pdf, 570kb)

Elective Home Education Parental Guide (pdf, 673kb)


Procedure Flowcharts

  1. Referral to Children's Social Care
  2. Action following assessment
  3. Urgent action to safeguard children
  4. What happens after the strategy discussion?
  5. What happens after the child protection conference, including the review process?