Discuss with manager

Discuss with manager

Key points

To decide what to do next, you should talk to the designated manager within your own agency. This will probably be your line manager, though it could be a designated person with child protection responsibility. Share your concerns and discuss any differences of opinion.

How to do it

The following questions will help you and your manager decide what to do next:

  • what is your concern?
  • how long have you been concerned?
  • who else has concerns?
  • what do you think could be happening to the child?
  • list a range of possible things that could be happening, rather than jumping to one conclusion. How could you find out whether each of these possibilities is true?
  • what information do you have already?
  • what have you already done to address your concerns?
  • have you discussed your concerns with the parents and the child or young person?
    • if yes - what did they say?
    • if no - why not?
  • what would be the possible impact on the child?
  • Your manager should question you about the reasons for your concerns.

If you still have concerns but are not sure what action to take, you (or your manager) could contact Children's Social Care and discuss the situation (without mentioning the child’s name). This may help you decide what to do next.