Designated Child Protection Reviews

Designated Child Protection Reviews

Children who continue to be the subject of a Child Protection Plan for two years or

more give cause for concern.  In order to prevent this, the following action should be



  • If the plan has not been removed by the 4th Review Conference (21 months) this will be a Designated Child Protection Review


  • At this Review Conference, the Core Group will present a report summarising the Child Protection Plan to date and will make recommendations for future objectives, which will lead removal of the plan 


  • Following a Designated Child Protection Review where a plan has not been removed, the chairperson will send a briefing note to the Service Managers, which outlines the reasons why removal has not taken place, and what the current Child Protection Plan is


  • The next Review Conference should be brought forward to within the two year limit, i.e. by 3 months, in order to implement the plan as a matter of urgency


  • If removal of the plan is not possible the CSSU Manager and Service manager for Assessment and Monitoring will review the circumstances of the case