Decide what services are required

Decide what services are required

Key points

Some thought should now be given to the information that has been collected. This should lead to a list of needs which should be translated into objectives. For example:

  • to improve the relationship between the siblings
  • to reduce the level of drug taking in the family.

At this stage there should be no mention of services, as children’s needs can be met in a variety of ways.

Having identified needs and objectives, Children’s Social Care should now consider how to meet them. They should think about

  • specialist services available
  • their own skills and abilities
  • resources in the family
  • universal resources.

These are then used to formulate an action plan.

In some cases the situation is more complex and even though an initial assessment has been completed it is still unclear what should happen next. If this is the case, a Core Assessment is required.

How to do it

It is important for the social worker and others involved in the assessment to link services to the child’s needs. They must be clear with the service provider about what they want the provider to do and achieve.