Child has a child protection plan

Child has a child protection plan

Key points

A key worker (a named worker who will manage the child’s case) and the core group membership must be identified by the initial child protection conference for every child who requires a child protection plan.

The core group will consist of family members and those professionals working closely and directly with them; together they develop and implement the child protection plan.

An outline child protection plan will be agreed at the end of each conference where it is decided that a plan is still required. It should, as a minimum, cover these points:

  • what is the core group trying to achieve?
  • what needs to change for the child, and how will this be done?
  • what are the roles and responsibilities of professionals and family members?
  • how often will professionals meet with the child and the family, and why?
  • how will everyone know change is happening for the best?

A date is also set for a review conference. The first will be within three months and then at least every six months.

How to do it

The chair will rely upon the social worker’s recommendations for the child protection plan and the worker should have a proposal ready, although the conference may make other suggestions.

The core group should have their first meeting within 10 days and the date for this is usually set at the end of the conference, so bringing diaries is important.