Agree a plan

Agree a plan

Key points

Once the social worker has seen the child, discussed the situation with the parents and other professionals, and agreed with their manager that emergency action is not required, what they do next will depend upon which of the following categories they think the child is in:

  • has no needs: no further action is required
  • has additional needs: a lead professional should be appointed who will ensure that a Common Assessment Framework has been completed.
  • is a child with complex needs: if agreed with the parents (and the child, if able to make such a decision), an initial or core assessment should be completed and, if agreed, services provided
  • is a child at risk of significant harm: they should call a strategy discussion and enquiries into suspicions of significant harm should be started.

How to do it

Whichever course of action is taken, the family (and the child, if old enough) should be told what is planned, as should all the other professionals involved. Circumstances when this would not be appropriate include where the concern is around fabricated and induced illness or forced marriage