After the child protection conference

After the child protection conference

Key points

It is now necessary to allocate a key worker from children’s social care.  This person should be qualified and experienced.  Their responsibility is;

  • To make sure that the outline child protection plan agreed at the conference is developed
  • To co-ordinate action to complete a core assessment
  • To ensure that all actions agreed in the plan are being carried out
  • To continually find out what the child wants and to try to make this happen unless it is against the best interests of the child
  • Keep the child and family up to date with developments

How to do it

The key worker should not be the only person doing everything.  Their role is to co-ordinate the family and other professionals in putting into practice the ideas agreed in the child protection plan.  It is important that everyone communicates with each other as well as the key worker and important that the key worker keeps everyone informed about what is happening.

Child protection plans should be simple, easy to understand and contain objectives which can be measured but which aren’t about supplying services.  A good example is ”to improve the relationship between parents and children”, a bad example is ”to attend the family centre”.  The reason for this is that the first example contains an ”outcome” but the second example is a ”process”.