6.8 Referrals to the Police Public Protection Unit (PPU)


Procedure Flowcharts

  1. Referral to Children's Social Care
  2. Action following assessment
  3. Urgent action to safeguard children
  4. What happens after the strategy discussion?
  5. What happens after the child protection conference, including the review process?

Any suspected, alleged or actual crime must be referred to the Police Public Protection Unit (Tel: 03456 043043). They will make a decision, based on checks and information sharing whether to initiate a criminal investigation.

Where an initial assessment has concluded that a Police Investigation is inappropriate but subsequent information suggests the situation to be more serious than originally perceived, the case must be referred back to the PPU for further assessment.

The Police will determine, on the basis of the information available, whether a criminal offence has/may have been committed and make appropriate enquiries to determine the necessary action.