Learning from Case Reviews

Learning from Case Reviews

Ofsted carries out an annual programme of research and survey reports alongside its main inspection frameworks. These examine relationships between institutions and providers and other agencies and evaluate the impact on providers and learners of recent policy development: Ofsted Social Care Survey Reports

Baby C Learning Review final Report Feb 2020 (pdf, 286kb)

Baby C Practitioner Brief April 2020 (pdf, 105kb)

County Lines Model - Toolbox Talks (pdf, 182kb)

Regional Learning Resources - Vulnerability in Babies (pdf, 488kb)

Learning from Case Reviews (teenagers) - (pdf, 94kb)

Learning from Case Reviews - NSPCC Thematic Review

Learning from Practice Report 2016/17 (pdf, 659kb)

Multi-Agency Practice Audit Group (MAPAG) Audit Methodology (pdf, 95kb)